Here at The Savoury Stoner we take great pride in our services and ingredients.  We offer a variety of services including new to cannabis tasting dinners, private dinners for 2-20 people, meal prep for the health conscious, frozen ready made meals and take and bake snacks. We take the stress out of the planning and the sourcing so our guests receive the best quality ingredients in an incredible environment. As a host, you want your guests to have a great time, so leave the hard part to us while you get to enjoy yourself and have fun with the people you care about most

Hi! I'm Mike. I've been in kitchens my whole life. Cooking is one of my passions and is a part of my heritage.


My culinary journey started as a young man, in Ontario’s cottage country, on the shores of Lake Muskoka. During the summers of 1997 and 1998, I worked as a dishwasher at the closest restaurant to our family cottage. By the time I had finished high school in 2003, I had been a grill cook, entremetier, pizza cook, expediter, bar back, waiter and the list goes on. My passion for the hospitality industry was clear and present. And so, I moved to Toronto to learn from some of the best chefs Canada has to offer. 


After attending George Brown College’s Culinary Management program in 2004, I set out to gain some experience in Canada’s biggest city. I worked under two very influential Chefs, Brian Surgenor and Janet Hoediono, who taught me most of my culinary skills. My time in Toronto was instrumental to my career, both in school and in restaurants. From Toronto, I moved to Whistler, where I have been for more than a decade. I have worked at several of the major hotels in town with many great Executive Chefs, including Chef Mario Fernandez and Chef Michael Deutsch. Under the guidance of these fantastic chefs, I have learned cuisines from around the world and cooking techniques both new and old. Four years ago, I used my chef school hours and extensive work history to challenge my Red Seal exam. I received the designation of Professional Cook at Vancouver Community College.


Through the years, I have been an avid cannabis user, promoter and advocate. I have been experimenting with cannabis infused foods for many years and can't wait to share what I have created. I love to interact with guests as they are enjoying what I have created. I look forward to many years of satisfied paletes and big smiles. There is no greater joy for myself than being able to brighten someone’s day by feeding them something exceptional. 


Currently, I am producing gourmet edibles, frozen CBD and THC-infused dinners, as well as catered and private dinners. 


Bon appetit!




Whistler, BC

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